All Natural
86% Organic

Scent Free


Fight Nature with Nature.
The #1 All Natural SCENT FREE Air Freshener on Amazon
The first SCENT FREE Natural + Organic Air Freshener strong enough to destroy awkward smells, and safe enough to spray on skin and fabric. 
Neutralizes, never covers up or masks.  100% Money-Back Guarantee.  Made in the U.S.A.

Kills icky odors from bathrooms, soiled diapers, smoking, gaseous pets & people.

Has No Scent.

Leaves No Scent.

+ Safe|Non-Toxic Formula + No Alcohol | No Surfactants + No Fragrances​ or Synthetic Chemicals

"I have been waiting for a naturally made product that eliminates odors without leaving a scent behind and finally it is here!"

RZA - Amazon Customer

"Typically when items say they are fragrance free they don't mean ZERO SMELL, they mean no added perfume. This is undetectable to even my hound like nose. I looooove it."

Qyrsta White  - Amazon Customer

"It has a dual benefit because I now use it to refresh and deodorize my clothes (e.g. suits, pants, coats) - no more Febreze for me."

CVBZ  - Amazon Customer